April goals

by - April 06, 2018

I think every one says this.. But I have no idea how we are in April already. 4 months into the year already. To me this just seems impossible! This year needs to slow down a little bit. I really don't seem to stick to goals at all, but theses ones I really want to set myself to do this month.

1. Focus on positivity
Being positive and thinking positive, really seems to help my anxiety. I can really notice a difference when I've had a good day. But most of the time doing this is much easier said then done.

2. Do more blog posts 
I have been so unmotivated the past couple of months, but this month I really would love to improve my blog. I finally have a couple of blog post ideas.

3. Start Youtube again
I used to do Youtube video, which I recently found on my hard drive and oh my goodness. I'm so glad that they are not on Youtube anymore. So to start this up again is a goal.

4. Stress LESS
Wowww, I literally think most people say this. But I really need to learn how to do so.

5. Write about my anxiety
I've been wanting to write a blog post for ages on this. But having the courage to do it.. I just can not bring myself to write it. Hopefully this month I can just get it done.

6. Grow my Instagram
Growing Instagram must be the hardest social media to grow.. I'm finding it so hard, if anybody has any tips on how, please let me know.

Let me know what your April goals are and hope you have a good month. 


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  1. Good luck with all of these goals! I definitely agree with you that Instagram is the hardest social to grow, but I find that the more you engage with others the better it is xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush