My Travel bucket list 2018!

by - January 15, 2018

I really would like to travel more in 2018.. As of right now I do not see me travelling to as places as I would like too. But I am going to try and go to as may as I can. I would like to start to travel more so hopefully this year.


I have few places on my bucket list, I'm trying to be realistic to what I put down. Cause my all time dream place to go is NYC or somewhere in America. Well this year I really do not think I can afford it.

So on my travel bucket list for 2018 is:

I've been looking at holiday already and Menorca looks so pretty. I would to go and explore the beaches and just having a relaxing holiday. It just looks like such a beautiful place. 

A city break in Rome
Just a couple of nights would be great to spent some time exploring the city. Hopefully this one will happen too. 

Some places in the UK
As much as travelling aboard is great and amazing. I feel like there is so many beautiful places here in the UK. I think this year is time to explore some places in the UK. 
I would love to go down south and go to Brighton, and Dorset and see the south of England. 
Also the Isle of wight, would love to get a ferry across and explore the island. 

Woburn center parcs 
This one is already happening, because its already been booked. Which is great. 

So as much as I would love to see all of these places, we will just have to see what happens. And hopefully I get to some places. 

Whats your travel plans for 2018? 


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