Zoella Beauty Christmas Mini Mists - BLOGMAS DAY 13

by - December 15, 2017

I thought it was about time I actually tried some of the Zoella beauty range! And this mini Christmas gift set definitely caught my eye. Which is the Mini mists - All four you.  Look how adorable the packaging is. This is great as you can try them out before buying the big sized bottles, not knowing if you like the scent or not. 


 I'm not going to go into detail about all the scents because i feel like i need to test them all out first. When i have done so i might do a post on it! Just a quick post to show off how cute and pretty the packaging is on this. The four scent in the mini gift set are:
~ Blissful Mistful ~
~ Snow'ella ~
~ Bake my day ~
~ Gelat'eau ~
From what I've smelt of the ones I've tried smell really good so far. 
Let me know if you have tried any of these scent and which one is your favourite. 


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