5 ways to feel Festive this Christmas - BLOGMAS DAY 11

by - December 12, 2017

Do you feel in the festive spirit yet?? No, well here's a couple of ways that could help you feel festive. Getting into the christmas spirit is the best thing about the build up to Christmas (Or at least for me anyway). 

If you do not automaticly get into the Christmas mood as soon as the 1st of December comes around. Listening to christmas music, putting decorations up or just loving the christmas spirit. 

If your not one of those people that are just crazy mad about Christmas. Then you definitely need some help getting into the christmas spirit because Christmas only comes around once every year. And why not enjoy it and make the most of it?? So Let's get in to the Christmas spirit..

1 ~ Christmas movies
Definitely a most around Christmas time. The christmas channel movies on the TV. Hallmark movies are the best.. 

2 ~ Decorating your tree 
This has to be the best way to get you in the Christmas spirit. Making your home look christmassy, definitely gets you in the mood.

3 ~ Wrapping present 
I love this, and is absolutely one of the best parts of Christmas.

4 ~ Christmas music
Dancing, singing or listening to christmas music, this is a must for making you feel christmasy. Who does not love Christmas music.. I know I do thats for sure. 

5 ~ Wear a Christmas jumper.
Have ever festive or crazy you look in your christmas jumper, this is definitely a must for making you feel festive. 

I hope this help's you to feel festive!!


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