2017 recap!

by - December 31, 2017

I'm writing this on the final day of 2017.. Can you believe that it's finally come to an end! 2017 has had many ups but also many downs. Which does actually make the year seem like I've not really achieved much. But I've definitely made lots of new memories.

When it comes to sitting down and actually thinking about what I've done this year, my mind has gone blank! Its so scary how fast time goes, but here's a few things I've done this year.
~ I know for a fact I've done a lot of shopping in 2017, which has got to stop next year! 
~ I've studied a lot which I finally achieved;
My GCSE's that I needed. 
And finally passed my Level 3 Childcare course. 
~ I've had many breaks from my blog. But I think it's safe to say I've got my motivation back. (Finally) So I went to my FIRST blogging event back in march. Which was #BlogconLDN 
Which was great even though I was so anxious. I actually got up the courage to go to London on my OWN!!  
I also reached 1000 followers on twitter.. I know that's not a big amount, but I am very happy with that. 
~ I wanted to travel more, but life gets in the way. I still managed to have two amazing holidays. 
1. Went to France in the summer.
2. Also I went to Spain. 
~ A few other memories..
I went to a spa with one of my friends and also another time for my aunties hen do,
Getting to experience a outdoor drive in cinema,
I also got to go to friends fest, which can we just say was amazing, 
My auntie and uncle got married in the summer too. 

Anxiety has definitely taught me a lot this year too, it has stopped from doing stuff (which it shouldn't have)! But I will NOT be letting it beat me. It's also made me so unmotivated at times. It's just one BIG mess which I am going to sort out in 2018!

I think that's pretty much it, these are the main things that I can remember any ways! I really hope you all had a great 2017 and I hope that you all have a great 2018.


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