10 things I love about Christmas - BLOGMAS DAY 2

by - December 02, 2017

Who doesn't love Christmas? The festivity is the best part about this time of year. Getting into the Christmas spirit.  Especially this year I have really been doing and its only the 2nd December! I love  build up of Christmas, it is just the best.
So here are 10 things I simply love about Christmas...

1- The Festive food
I mean who doesn't love food!! Looking forward to christmas dinner, this makes my christmas day pretty good! Also not to forget the chocolate, I have a big sweet tooth for chocolate. Which this time of year does not help me.

2- The decorating
This is when it definitely starts to feel like Christmas. Putting up the tree, the lights, and getting the Christmas candles out.

3- Buying gifts and wrapping
Buying gifts for people really makes Christmas for me, I would much rather buy gifts for people than receive them. Even though this year I am finding it hard to come up with ideas for people. Wrapping the gifts along to a Christmas movie is a perfect christmas afternoon. 

4- Christmas movies
The hallmark movies on Netflix, I have been watching no end! The holiday, the elf, polar express and the grinch, are a few of my favourites. One of the best ways to get into the Christmas spirit. What is your favourite movie?

5- Christmas markets
Christmas markets definitely gets me into the Christmas spirit. And Christmas town light switches on are the best. 

6- Cosy chilled days!
On a cold day, staying indoors in the warm and watching a movie with some hot chocolate. 

7- Family time
Spending time with family is the most important thing about Christmas. 

8- Christmas songs
Christmas songs I love, creating a christmas playlist is definitely a great way to start Christmas. 

9-  Vlogmas and blogmas. 
I couldn't think of another one. So I'm actually looking forward to watching and reading other peoples content this year. 

10- Christmas day
Christmas day is one of the best things about Christmas. Spending it with family, the food, games and sitting in front of the tv. 

What do you love about Christmas!? 


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