A little Lush haul!

by - March 12, 2017

I'm finally getting around the writing this post. Ive had some of these since the middle of February. I love how colourful this picture is, makes me excited for spring. Whenever spring decides to show. 
I love Lush at the moment, so except a lot more hauls soon. As i've since some more amazing bath bombs that i need to get already!! I can never seem to just walk past Lush, the smell always seems to pull me in.

Ups-a-daisy  |  £3.50
This bath bomb is from their Spring/Mothers Day collection and it is so bright and colourful, I love the combination of colour. It has a pink and orange on the side you see, and underneath it has yellow and turquoise. It's so beautiful when its in the bath. 
Cupid | ---
This product I can not seem to find on their website. Which just proves how long I have left this haul for. This one Smells amazing, and I am looking forward to put it in the bath. 
Blue skies | £4.95
Blue skies looks the same as the comforter bubble bar, and as I love that one. Its one of my favourites. I thought i'd have to give this one a try, really can not believe I have left it this long to try it. This one is more natural scented, where as the comforter is more fruity. So I'm not sure if I'm going to like this one as much. But I'm looking forward to trying this out. 
Avobath | £3.50 
Avobath is a bath bomb that Lush say, in the morning helps you face the day. I love the colour of this one, and going to have to try it out to see if it does help me face the day. 
Milky bar | £3.75
Milky bar is creamy and softening to the skin, so I'm really looking forward to trying this. This is a bubble bar, which I really like them more than bath bombs.
Ladybird | £3.95 
Can we just take a moment to say how cute this bubble bar is. I kind of don't want to break it up. 
Unicorn Lush horn | --- 
I love how colourful this is. I am so behind with trying all of these, because I always go for the same ones. Again i really do not want to break it up, but away can not wait to use it. 

Let me know what your favourite Lush product is? 


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  1. Ah I just love them all.. I really want to start using more bath bombs so I need to give some of these a try for definite! Your blog here is amazing by the way, I love it! x


    1. Aww definitely take a trip to Lush! :) Aww thank you so much :) x