What I got for christmas - 2016

by - January 01, 2017

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I decided to start off my blog with a what i got for Christmas.

Now I really can't believe that Christmas has already flown by... Again. I really do not like how fast this Christmas has gone,  Just like this year has gone. I love Christmas day, and really can't wait till next year already. I really love reading what everyone else got, and I'm going to share with you today what I was lucky enough to receive this year. But Christmas for me is about being with family, and getting time to actually spend it together. Ive noticed that as I've got older, its really all about who's around you at Christmas time, not about the gifts under the tree.

I'm really thankful for everything I received this year.. I didn't really ask for anything this year. Me and my mum went out shopping a couple of weekends ago, and I spotted this joules jumper. Tried it on, and I loved it. So mum decided to get it for me and wrap it up as a Christmas gift. And it really wouldn't be Christmas without any fluffy socks, and these ones are just so cute. :) Also my friend surprised me with a charm for my Pandora bracelet, i was so thankful for this. These little heart earrings from Pia I absolutely just love. Which is kind off weird as I've been looking for something like this for a while. 

 Ive also had my eye on this planner from hobby craft, as in 2017 i really would like to start to get into planning, and getting my self organised. And i received this gorgeous Journal, which is another thing i would like to start in the new year. 

Anything beauty i love, some lush bath bombs.. Which can i add i am obsessed with Lush just lately. Some lovely little Jack wills lip balms. A Professional gift box, from benefit. A Ted baker nail polish and lip stick. Along with some Zoella products. Which smell amazing. I can't wait to start using these products. 

Lastly if anybody knows me, Candles I'm definitely obsessed with. I already have so many, that these will just add to my collection. Haha who doesn't like candles though. Theres a couple of gifts i didn't add in, i got a couple of cups and a few other lovely little bits.. And also the overload of chocolate that you get every year and just do not know what to do with. 

I really hope Everyone had a lovely Christmas, and i already have some ideas for 2017. 


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