A Lush winter haul.

by - January 11, 2017

Yayy for my first haul of the year!

I have been completely in love with Lush over the past couple of months and have built up a crazy collection. (Well I think so anyways!) Mainly only bath bombs though.

So as its winter, I thought I would do a Lush winter haul. I am love with the smell of all of these, and it honestly makes my room smell so nice. I had to pop into my nearest lush store, as after I'd seen every body's lush boxing day hauls. I just had to go in and see. 

1. Intergalactic
2. Northern Lights. 
3. Yoga bomb
4. Butterball
5. The Experimenter
6. Frozen
7. Snow fairy shower gel. 
8. Sakura 
9. Never Mind The Ballistic Bath Bomb
10. POP in the bath.

I have yet to use any of these as I still have lots to use from before. But if you guys would like me to do a blog post on any, then let me know. I'm sure if your following me on Instagram, then you'll be sure to catch a post on there from time to time. 

Let me know your favourite all time Lush product!?

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